Stant’s Research & Development Lab is equipped to simulate the harshest of conditions, from dusty desert roads in Urumqi , capital of Xinjiang Province to brutal winters in Harbin, the “Ice City.”

Stant utilizes environmental chambers to recreate extreme conditions:

  •  Cooling System Cycle Testing
  •  Conductivity Testing per ASTM
  •  Durometer
  • Dust Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Flow & Seal Test
  • Fuel Soak
  • Fuel Systems Fill Testing
  • Fuel System Rollover Testing
  • Grade Vent Testing
  • Helium Mass Spec Testing
  • Impact Testing
  • Ozone Testing
  • Tensile Compression
  • Torque
  • Valve Cycling
  • Vibration Life

These conditions are replicated to ensure all Stant validation exercises include both aging, and failure-testing for the stringent requirements of today’s automotive conditions that are required for government validation approval.

Beyond the individual component level, entire Fuel Tank Systems are tested in our Fuel Lab, which is equipped to produce environment and fuel temperatures ranging from 12°C to 55°C.  Thermostat performance testing can be executed in our cooling lab with significant flow and temperature range.  Stant has advanced testing facilities in their United States Research Center.  This center replicates the governmental testing facilities in the US, Europe, South America, SE Asia, and China.


China’s new regulations go into effect as soon as 2016.  The initial focus will be on the coastal cities with the largest populations, and most vehicles.  Our research has shown that the Government will start enforcement here and then move inland.  2016 is approaching quickly, but there is still time to manage the prototyping, validation and manufacturing processes.


Significantly more stringent Worldwide Emissions Regulations are eminent. The below graph shows Tier 3, Bleed Emissions, Euro 6.2, Diurnal Testing, and China 6 ORVR regulations.

2018 Pollution Regs

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