Suzhou Fuel Vapor Lab

Stant Souzhou

Stant Suzhou’s on site testing laboratory enables product testing according to Lab Test Procedures and/or customer specifications. All test equipment is routinely calibrated and maintained to ensure test accuracy. Stant Suzhou laboratory offers:

  • Leak and flow test
  • Pressure test
  • Conductive resistance test
  • Soak Test
  • Humidity Test  (Suzhou)
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Drop Test
  • tensile / force  test
  • Siphon Capability
  • Torque durability cycle test  (Suzhou)
  • Water tightness
  • Torque test
  • Tether bending test
  • Valve P/V recycle test
  • Salt spray test (Suzhou)
  • Airflow Durability Test  (Suzhou)
  • Tension Test  (Suzhou)
  • Cap Flow Test  (Suzhou)


Suzhou China Prototyping and Validation Lab Photos



ORVR Salt Spray Test:

Salt-spray corrosion resistance test according to the requirement of each customer and governmental policy.







Humidity chamber

ORVR Humidity Chamber Test:

Programmable environment setting:



Can install various fixtures in this chamber and allow those tests at varying temperatures, humidity and duration.





 Stant ORVR Airflow durability test machineORVR Airflow Durability Test:

Programmable valve operation durability test.

Installed the fixture in environmental chambers to allow cycling at varying temperatures and humidity.








Stant ORVR Tension Machine TestORVR Tension Machine Test:

Programmable tension test up to 1000N’s force or 900mm’s displacement









Stant ORVR Cap flow equipment ORVR Cap Flow Test

Can test fuel cap’s vacuum & pressure’s flow and leakage .

Allow the test at range from 0cc to 570L by using couples

of flowmeter with different range and precision.





Stant ORVR Torque Durability Test ORVR Torque Durability Test

Programmable installation/removable cycling of fuel caps up to 10K cycles

Installed the fixture in environmental chambers to allow cycling at varying temperatures.








North American R&D Prototyping and Validation Lab Photos


Calibrated Pressure & Flow Test Benches

Measures flow performance [multiple flow meters of varying resolutions] and pressure drops for various fuel products

Pressure: 0 to 31 Kpa

Flow: 0 ccm to 500 lpm




Product Flow & Pressure Simulations

Simulations of actual product applications using various test fixtures and calibrated manometers and digital flow meters

Pressure: 0 to 60 Kpa

Flow: 0 ccm to 400 lpm




Environmental Chambers

Thermal Cycling: -50c up to +125C

13 Chambers / Ovens of Various Sizes

5 Chambers Configured for Fuel Handling

Two Chamber Equipped for Humidity




Environmental Chamber Inclusive of Vibration Table

Thermal Cycling: -50C up to +125C

Loading Performance:
— Sinewave: Up to 6000 lbf
— Shock: Up to 16,600 lbf
— Random: Up to 6000 lbf RMS

Amplitudes [displacements]:
— Sine & Random: Up to 2.0 inches peak to peak continuous
— Shock: 2.0 inches continuous

Vibration Frequencies: 20 to 2000Hz with loads of 260lbs or greater



Fuel Cap Ratchet Cycler

Programmable installation / removable cycling of fuel caps up to 10K cycles

Installed in environmental chambers to allow cycling at varying temperatures





Pressure – Vacuum [PV] Cycler

Pressure and vacuum cycling of products:  -10 Kpa up to +30 Kpa for multiple cycles as required

Installed in environmental chambers to allow cycling at varying temperatures






Coefficient Of Friction Tester

Performs Static & Kinetic coefficient of friction measurements

Selectable units (COF or Grams)

Speed:  2”to 20” per minute

Travel:  1” to 12”

Range:  0 to 1500g




Automated Torque Tester

Automated installation / removal torque of fuel caps

Test Range of 0-5.0Nm

Control over speed and angle of rotation

Graphing capabilities






High Resistance Meter

Volume Resistance measurements of insulating materials

Test voltage up to 1,000 V






Coil Spring Testers

To check spring loads at working heights

Unit #1 Range: 0-2 lb.

Unit #2 Range: 0-100 lb.








Roundness & Cylindrical Profile Measuring Machine

Rotational Measurements






     -Average Diameter

     -Radial Deviation


     -Arc Measurement

Linear Measurement






Surface Finish Tester

Profile, Roughness, and Waviness measurements

Scale: 0-15,000 micro-inch

Measurement Distance: 0-200 mm






Dust Chamber

Performs pressurized and circulating atmosphere testing with added dust:  -0.5Kpa to +20Kpa








Applies tension or compression loading

Load Cells:  Up to 5 Kg and Up to 20 Kg

Load Application Rates:  1 mm/min up to 120 mm/min




image029Rotational Torque Testers

Measures installation and removal torques for fuel caps

Torque Range:  0 to 50 Nm

Lab has conventional torque wrenches as well. 




Optical Microscope with Digital Photography

Magnification Range of 12.6X to 114X

Digital photography with photo enhancement and enlargement software






Salt Spray Chamber

Corrosion Testing:  Long Duration Exposure to Salt Spray or Fog






Helium Mass Spec Leak Detection

Hydrocarbon vapor leak detection down to the molecular level:  5 X 10 to the minus 9th gm








Refueling Test Bay & External Fill Station

Fuel dispensed rates from 1 – 18 gpm

Fuel dispensing temperature control from 35°F to 120°F

Controlled / Monitored Fuel 7 – 15 RVP

Gas / Diesel

Conventional and Vapor Vac Refueling

image039image041Room Climate Controlled temperature up to 145°F










Fuel Tank Tip Fixture

Conduct variable grade soaks and fills via adjustable fuel tank tip fixture








Fuel Tank Data Acquisition

From an Instrumented Fuel Tank we are able to record 10 pressures and 16 temperatures via a 26 channel data acquisition system








image049Prototype Machining Centers and Assembly Equipment

Complete Prototype Fabrication
–  Forming and Tooling
–  Machining and Turning
–  Milling and Grinding
–  Wax Power Element Assembly
–  Wax Power Element

–  Laser, Sonic, Welding and Brazing

–  Test Equipment Fabrication
–  Machine Development
 Fabrication of Manufacturing and Laboratory Equipment



Rapid Prototyping

Stereo Lithography Rapid Prototyping