Stant is the market leader across many products and solutions.  Capitalizing on its wide-ranging experience and capabilities, it provides its customers with innovative solutions for challenging applications.

Stant’s Global Design Team has expertise in designing steel, molded plastic, and rubber components of all shapes and sizes.  We use state of the art equipment, processes, and materials to find solutions to the most complex emissions, regulations, and efficiencies. Ay Stant, global design, validation, and manufacturing are a 24 hour a day effort.



Valve & Canister Innovations

  • 2 stage with Vent valve
  • Low Purge Canister for LEVIII compliance
  • Study – multi-stage versus heating of canister (competitors)

Filler Pipe Innovations

  • Narrower diameter pipe
  • 2 layer construction
  • Hydrocarbon wicking
  • Offset funnel design
  • Metal Filler Pipes
    • Variety of materials and coatings to support low cost solutions
    • Integrated thread & sealing surfaces; flange, grommet or twist connect mountings meeting all government regulations; rubber hose or quick connect connections to the fuel tank
    • ORVR, LEV II & III, PZEV capable designs
  • Plastic Filler Pipes
    • 3-layer wall construction that meets industry emission requirements.
    • 3D suction blow and robotic manipulation eliminates pinch.
    • Fill and vent tube molded as one component using twin tube technology.
    • Simplifies assembly.
    • Reduces leak paths.
    • Reduces permeation.

Fuel Caps, Cap-less refuelling and SCR Caps

  • Innovations and improvements to breather membrane
  • Cap-less Refueling 48mm (Lev III COMPLIANCE) USA 48mm w/Mechanical Seal.

     60mm Euro Additional Device

    Mis-fueling inhibitor (MFI) Electric Hybrid

    Manage Vapor – mechanical seal & small turbo (Low purge)



  • innovative substances – non carbon pellets



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