ORVR is the solution to manage pollution from automotive fuel vapor.  Founded in 1898, Stant is the global leader in ORVR systems design, validation and manufacturing. The company supplies a global client base of automobile manufacturers with both modular components and complete fuel systems. Stant is the only ORVR manufacturer that can deliver a total system solution that is compliant with China 6 emissions standards.



Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) is a vehicle emission control system that captures fuel vapors from the vehicle gas tank during refueling.  Since its implementation in the United States in 1998, refueling vapor emissions are down 98%.

Stant is a recognized world leader in the design, validation and manufacturing of Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR)

Zero Defect | 100% On-time Delivery

To satisfy our customer’s expectations for zero defects, 100% on-time delivery, system support, and low cost solutions, Stant has expanded its operational presence and developed a global customer support strategy. Today, Stant has manufacturing facilities and Sales & Technical Centers in multiple countries on three continents, which enables Stant to meet its customers’ needs with real global solutions.

Regulation-focused | Highest Certifications

Through close collaboration, Stant works with customers to ensure they achieve continuing conformance to rapidly changing regulations, innovative solutions for competitive advantages, and products that meet difficult cost and timing targets. Stant has led and participated in programs that span from concept to production launch in months and delivered increased performance and reduced costs. Stant has earned multiple quality awards in the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries and is TS16949 and ISO 14001 certified.

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    Stant is the recognized World-leader in the design validation and manufacturing of Vapor Pollution Management Systems for automobiles.  If you have a Vapor Management Problem, we are your Solution. 


    To be recognized as the foremost global supplier of Vapor Management systems, Fuel Delivery systems, Thermal Management systems and Engineering Services providing our customers with viable, reliable and cost competitive advantages.

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    Stant has cultivated its market-leading position by capitalizing on its wide-ranging experience and capability to provide its customers with innovative solutions for challenging applications.