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Stant’s individual components represent the industry’s benchmarks for fuel system safety and performance – and provide the features and benefits that make Stant the first choice of the finest boat manufacturers.

Stant Provides The Following Benefits:

  • All Stant components are engineered, validated and tested to meet all safety, regulatory and functional requirements of EPA, CARB and ABYC H-24.
  • Automotive style refueling, automatic nozzle shut-off, fuel nozzle retention and CARB Phase II compatibility.
  • Stant components are designed to provide maximum engine fuel flow and minimize hot fuel handling issues.
  • Overfill protection is provided by Fill Limit Vapor Valve, preventing the possibility of accidental system over-pressurization.
  • Stant components are designed and configured to work with marine engines.
  • Stant components have been installed and field tested on a fleet of field vessels ensuring that you can count on proper fuel system function.
  • Each component is engineered to ensure lifetime performance and virtually eliminate service and maintenance requirements.
  • All components are engineered to minimize total installation, regulatory compliance, warranty, and ownership costs.

Pressurized Fuel System:

Canister Fuel System: