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HEAVY DUTY Thermostats

Stant offers competitively priced, innovative, durable, well-designed thermostats to fit the needs of today's diesel engines. Due to the leading technology, most OEM Heavy Duty, Diesel, and Agricultural engine manufacturers rely on Stant heavy duty thermostats.

Industrial applications include:

  • Heavy Duty on-highway engines.
  • Heavy Duty construction and earth moving equipment.
  • Tractor engines and other agricultural equipment.
  • Large Diesel-powered generators.

Design Features:

  • Sizes and configurations to meet diverse cooling systems requirements.
  • Wide range of wax development capabilities to accommodate customer-specific temperature requirements.
  • Engine cooling thermostats configured for inlet or outlet cooling systems.
  • EPDM Rubber coated valves for very low, highly efficient cooling systems; metal valves for low cost systems.
  • Integrated (jiggle pin) venting to support flow to the cooling system.
  • Unique element design ensures extended product life.
  • Heavy duty stamped and machined components (flanges, frames, cups, covers and valves) optimized for strength and durability to meet heavy duty demand.
  • Available valve and spring options for bypass cooling control.

Balance Sleeve Thermostats

Stant’s innovative balance sleeve heavy duty thermostat provides resilient and long-lasting performance to accommodate high coolant flow rates in heavy duty and diesel applications. The thermostat prevents unbalanced coolant flow (“water hammering” or pulsating) from the water pump by equalizing coolant pressure on both sides of the thermostat valve which allows consistent, even coolant flow and temperature.