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Capless Fuel Refilling Units

  • Eliminates issues associated with tethers (various designs, binding, installation, etc.)
  • Cost-effective replacement for the fuel cap
  • Quicker and cleaner refueling
  • No more lost fuel caps

Design Integration:

  • Smaller profile than a fuel cap
  • Can mate to either steel or plastic pipe
  • Main components molded from impact modified Nylon
  • Zinc die-cast dust and seal doors
  • Stainless door return springs ground to pipe funnel
  • FKM door and pipe seal
  • Designed with large fill cup to accommodate large diesel fill nozzles

Heavy Duty Fuel Caps

Heavy duty versions of our innovative fuel caps are available to fit all industrial and diesel engine applications. We offer standard OEM type gas and diesel caps, to large and more durable heavy duty and locking styles.

Diesel Fuel Additive Caps (UREA)

To meet the additional requirement of UREA diesel additives, Stant is proud to be one of the first companies to provide UREA-specific caps to OEM diesel and heavy truck manufacturers.

Thermal Fuel Actuator/Filter Assemblies

To meet the cold and warm thermal demands of diesel fuel for heavy duty engines, Stant offers fuel temperature regulators to control the temperature and flow of diesel fuel. These units are designed to work either in conjunction with OEM diesel fuel filters or with the combined filter and temperature regulator unit. Stant utilizes both cast aluminum and durable plastics to develop the highest quality fuel temperature regulating products offered for heavy duty and diesel engines.

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