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When you're looking for the world's best engineered thermostats,
what name should you look for?

Like most people, you probably think all thermostats are alike. But Stant® brand thermostats are different. They're the thermostats you ask for by name. And the superiority of Stant thermostats shows in the way they consistently out perform the competition. They are, quite simply, the best engineered thermostats in the world. Here's why.

The heart of the Stant brand thermostat is the ELAC® ThermostatCutawayheat motor. The unique properties of the heat motor result in a consistent and precise response to the cooling system's needs. This is achieved through the use of a precisely formulated, thermally expansive wax fill that is calibrated to operate within OEM requirements.

The Stant heat motor is powered by a precisely formulated thermal responsive wax pellet in a heat conducting copper cup equipped with a stainless steel piston inside an elastomeric boot. The exact length of the stainless steel piston assures the prompt and precise operation of the thermostat valve.

Each manufacturing process is rigidly controlled with world-class quality controls. Then a 100% calibration is conducted for each heat motor to guarantee quality and performance.

Finally, the heat motor is placed in a stainless steel assembly consisting of a valve, flange, bridge and spring. The completed assembly provides a securely sealed, heat responsive valve that keeps engine temperatures within original equipment specifications.

Our reverse poppet thermostats are engineered with a self-cleaning, self-aligning stainless steel valve. This design is the standard of the U.S. auto industry. Stant covers your Japanese vehicle replacement market with our offset thermostats, which are the same design as specified by Japanese auto manufacturers. It's no wonder Stant is the original equipment choice of many automakers.

So why take chances with anything less? Buy the world's best engineered thermostats from Stant.