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STANT LEV III Valve Developments

Stant’s vapor control valves have a history of reliable functional field performance. That same reliability is now enhanced with next generation over molding which reduces permeation to very low levels. Stant has over molded configurations for FLVV, GRV and ICV valves and weld on tank ports.

  • Permeation levels as low as 2 mg using CE10 fuel
  • Various vent orifice capability
  • Shutoff height flexibility
  • Weld on and internal mounting architectures
  • All product 100% functionally production tested

Stant SCR System Developments

Stant is developing venting and fill limit components and subsystems for Selected Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems used to reduce diesel engine emissions.

These developments include valving integrated into the tanks and/or lines that contain the catalytic medium and fill pipe assemblies. The Stant SCR products are designed

to minimize the number of components and weld interfaces to assure system robustness and meet all OE requirements.