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With extensive knowledge of On Board Refueling Vapor Recovery systems, Stant has developed a sophisticated yet simple multi-function control valve that incorporates several valve functions in a small package. The multi-function control valve provides an efficient alternative in ORVR system architecture and a great opportunity to realize system cost reductions.

Design features

  • Refueling
    • Consistent, accurate, and adjustable shut-off height
    • Adjustable round-up volume
    • Excellent system refueling quality
  • Rollover protection
    • Redundant sealing and internal liquid trap
  • Venting
    • Dynamic—limit hydrocarbon loading to canister through  a controlled orifice
    • Grade—integrated grade valve allows venting during full take grade soak
  • LEV II compliant
  • Eliminated liquid carryover during high temperature, high altitude dynamic maneuvering
  • Provides control vapor recirculation flow during system refueling
  • Protects carbon canister in the event a failed refueling nozzle occurs
  • Flexible mounting (hot plate weld, flange direct mount, internal bracket mount for PZEV)
  • System pressure communication hub (tank, filler tube, carbon canister)
    • Controls vapor flow during system refueling and normal driving conditions

Design Integration

  • Can be incorporated in an open fuel vapor system with minimal changes
  • Allows flexible integration to plastic and steel fuel tanks
  • Single tooling accommodates multiple applications (fully utilizing tooling capacity)

System Cost Advantages

  • Reduce number of valves
  • Reduce number of vapor line connections and length
  • Reduce carbon canister size (vapor loading and purging through controlled orifice during running loss mode)
  • Eliminate system liquid trap
  • Facilitate assembly of fuel tank and vehicle
  • Design commonality reduces tooling cost and development cycle for multiple platforms
  • Designs available for welding onto the fuel tank or mounting to an in-tank module

Physical Dimensions and Key Features:


Generation IV

Generation V

 Weld Pad Diameter:



 Shutoff Height:

 22mm minimum from weld surface


 Full Tank Vent Height:

 9mm from weld surface



 SAE J2044 Quick Connect or 
 Interchangeable with 3-barb

 SAE J2044 Quick Connect or 
 Interchangeable with 3-barb



 Internal and External