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Stant’s 20 years of success and experience in fuel system vapor venting and liquid control has led to the development of the next generation refueling control valve. This unique Stant design allows precise tuning and control of fuel liquid level with industry leading liquid leak performance. The double wall construction of the valve provides enhanced liquid discrimination performance throughout the entire fuel capacity shutoff range. These solutions, developed through experience and implemented by design improvements, have led to this superior valve.

Design Features

  • Consistent, accurate, and adjustable shut-off heights as low as 12mm.
  • Stant shutoff technology provides an industry-leading shutoff capability of ± 2.00mm. 
  • Double Wall technology provides superior liquid discrimination performance.
  • Snap/ O-ring design complies with Ford and GM-standard industry attachment to Module Flange.
  • Modular attachment design of valve allows for LEVII, LEVIII and PZEV flexibility in mounting solutions.

Component Cost Advantages

  • POM construction allows use of cost-effective materials.
  • Shutoff height tuning to any shutoff greater than 12mm allows minimal changes to tank or Module.
  • Modular design allows for flexibility in mounting strategies.
  • Improved liquid discrimination and leak performance results in less degradation on downstream components. 

Design Integration

  • Can be utilized as a running change replacement component, or integrated into low-cost system strategies.
  • Packaging opportunities can be realized with standard Snap/O-ring attachment flexibility. Attachment design can be applied in Plastic Tank Weld-On, Steel Tank Internal Mount, and Pump Module Flange Snap/O-ring configurations.