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CARBON Canisters

Stant’s activated carbon canister modules play an essential role in controlling the loss of evaporative emissions from fuel systems to the environment. 

As a leading supplier of evaporative emissions  canisters, Stant manufactures more than one million canisters annually at its Romeoville, IL & Connersville, IN facilities. 

Stant offers creative and cost-effective solutions to meet customers’ emissions needs. Our development team works with customers globally to develop extremely efficient and effective canisters that meet both EPA and CARB requirements. 

Additionally, our canisters meet all current requirements for LEV II, LEVIII, PZEV, Euro IV, and KOBD standards. 

To meet increasing demand for hybrid vehicles, we have also developed a solution for providing emissions canisters for hybrid propulsion systems. We also have developed and launched evaporative emission canister solutions for non-integrated pressurized fuel systems. 

Allow Stant to complete a vehicle packaging study for you and we will provide our recommendations for improved system performance and cost reduction opportunities.

Design Features

  • Our linear canister designs can be tuned to any incremental fuel tank size without major tooling cost impacts.
  • The slim profile of our linear canister designs facilitates mounting in close proximity to or directly on the fuel tank.
  • Vapor load and purge line lengths may be reduced by packaging the canister near vapor and purge sources.
  • High carbon use efficiencies yield superior loading and purging performance.
  • Canister module designs offer integral leak detection devices and pressure sensors.
  • PZEV / LEV II solutions with internal scrubber designs.
  • Plastic canister designs for pressurized fuel systems to sustain creep loads.
  • Attachment features for vapor line routings, brake hardware and sensors may be integrated into the canister design.