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Stant has had a very successful history in fuel cap innovation and development.  This has led to development of fuel caps that enable vehicles to LEV I, LEV II, PZEV, LEVIII, OBD II and FMVSS 301 requirements.

Design Features

  • Breakaway provision and lost motion for crash integrity
  • Ergonomic handle and quick-on-style attachment for ease of use to reduce operator and OBD II issues
  • Calibration of internal valving adjustable to meet system functional requirements
  • Low permeation capability for LEV II, PZEV and LEVIII applications
  • Standard or custom attachment methods to optimize the customer’s refueling experience

System Advantages

  • Pressure Relief
  • Prevents fuel vapors from exiting the fuel system under normal operating conditions
  • Allows an escape path for pressure in an impact situation where the fuel tank has collapsed
  • Permits pressure to escape in the event of a Vapor Management System malfunction such as a plugged vent line
  • Vacuum Relief
  • Prevents fuel vapors from exiting the fuel system via the fill tube under normal operating conditions.
  • Allows an alternate path for air to flow into the fuel tank in the event that there is an obstruction in the Vapor Recovery and/or Vapor Management Systems.
  • Permits fuel system to normalize during natural vacuum situations. For example: a hot fuel tank being cooled down when driving through a car wash.
  • Lost Motion
  • During a crash, the cap handle is allowed some freedom to rotate (from 60° to 180°) while maintaining the proper O-ring compression.
  • Aids in the prevention of potential fuel leakage in a crash or impact.
  • Breakaway Provision
  • Allows O-ring to maintain proper compression during a crash or impact, even if some of the cap is broken away.
  • Prevents potential fuel leakage during a crash or impact.
  • Torque Override
  • Aids in proper installation of fuel cap.
  • Provides an audible “click” for customer.
  • Allows for proper O-ring compression.
  • 1-Click Torque Technology
  • Positions fuel cap in the same orientation after each installation.
  • Provides “one-click” audible feature for customer.
  • S.A.E. full-thread cap installs after 360° of rotation.
  • Utilizes a main seal design that maintains seal from 270° through 360° of rotation.