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Stant designs, engineers, and manufactures fuel filler pipe assemblies. Our filler pipe developments are directed at containing and minimizing fuel hydrocarbon emission vapors and meeting stringent environmental regulations. Our current fuel filler applications can meet LEV II, LEVIII, PZEV, and ORVR standards.

Stant offers filler pipes made from a variety of materials including low carbon steel, stainless steel, and multi-layer blow molded HDPE (with an internal hydrocarbon barrier layer). For metal filler pipes, Stant offers a variety of painting and coating options.

Stant’s range of fuel filler pipe assemblies have been developed by means of the strategic partnerships established between its product engineers, the customer’s product engineers, additional technical associates and key suppliers. Stant filler pipe assemblies enable customers to reduce both cost and weight while exceeding quality and engineering targets.

Design Features:

  • Variety of materials to support low-cost solutions
  • Integrated thread and sealing surface for ease of assembly
  • Flange, grommet, or twist connect mounting that will meet all relevant government requirements
  • ORVR, LEV II, PZEV capable designs; for metal assemblies a separate ground path is not required
  • Rubber hose or quick connect connections to the fuel take for ease of assembly
  • Integration of components, mounting features, and vent lines into a single molding process reduces the cost and weight of plastic fill pipes