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Stant has been the leader in automotive closure caps for nearly a century. We are now introducing the replacement for the traditional fuel cap—the Stant Capless Refueling System.

Design Features

  • Designed to meet LEV II or LEVIII requirements
  • Protection from water and dust intrusion
  • Under 10 Ohm conductive ground path
  • Durability in excess of 5000 refueling events
  • Under 20 Newton nozzle insertion force
  • Can be made as a serviceable or non-serviceable unit
  • Corrosion-resistant to 200 hours
  • Incorporates pressure relief
  • Incorporates vacuum relief
  • Designed to withstand an impact of 105 Joules without leaking
  • Designed to prevent leak following 1700 N drive away loading
  • Utilizes a breakaway feature in the event of an accident
  • Meets CARB nozzle retention requirements
  • Optional mis-fueling device available for both diesel and gasoline applications

System Cost Advantages

  • Eliminates MIL lights due to improperly installed fuel caps
  • Eliminates issues associated with tethers (various designs, binding, installation, etc.)
  • Reduced warranty costs
  • Cost-effective replacement for the fuel cap
  • Quicker and cleaner refueling
  • No more lost fuel caps

Design Integration

  • Fits in as small as a 47mm diameter fill cup
  • Smaller profile than a fuel cap
  • Allows for the OE to shrink the fuel pocket and door
  • Can mate to either steel or plastic pipe
  • Main components molded from impact modified Nylon
  • Zinc die-cast dust and seal doors
  • Stainless door return springs ground to pipe funnel
  • FKM door and pipe seal
  • Commercial diesel applications with large fill cups also supported