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Thermostats & Housing, Thermal Valves and Radiator and Oil Caps

Stant offers a wide range of thermal devices for controlling the flow of coolant in cooling systems. Stant’s engine cooling thermostats are utilized by nearly all automotive OE and Industrial / Heavy Duty engine manufacturers. Stant’s smaller TOV thermal valves are similarly used in cooling systems for vehicle transmissions and fuel. Stant radiator and oil caps are the choice of many OE and Industrial manufacturers. Stant also manufactures thermal control devices for aviation fuel systems and a host of other industrial cooling applications. Design Features

Thermal devices in a myriad of sizes and geometries to meet the requirements of diverse cooling systems.

  • A large family of wax formulations and wax customizing capabilities to provide the precise device thermal performance characteristics required by our customers
  • Engine cooling thermostats configured for either inlet or outlet cooling systems
  • EPDM Rubber coated valves for very low, highly efficient cooling systems, metal valves for low cost systems
  • Integrated (jiggle pin) venting to support filling of the cooling system
  • Heat elements with unique features to assure very long product life
  • Heavy duty stamped and machined structural components (flanges, frames, cups, covers and valves) that are optimized for strength and robustness
  • Many available valve and spring configurations for bypass cooling control
  • Long life primary valve return and bypass valve springs
  • EPDM rubber gaskets to seal external structure of thermostat
  • A complete family of full size and mini radiator caps

Design Integration

  • Stant often supplies its thermal devices in housings that simplify device installation and provide integral flow channels and connections within the cooling system
  • Common housing materials include die cast or sand cast aluminum and structural plastics such as PPS and PPA
  • Special valve geometries and dual thermostat assemblies have been developed to provide more controlled changes in coolant temperatures