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Stant Receives Multi-million, Multi-year Capless Refueling Award

Stant Corporation, a leading integrated global manufacturer of vapor and fluid control components, is pleased to announce a significant new contract with a major customer,

marking one of largest single contracts in the company’s 116 year history.

Curt Howell, Stant President & CEO commented, “We are pleased to have been chosen by our valued customer for this multi-million, multi-year contract with production

scheduled to begin in 2017. The product category—capless refueling system—is a core competency for Stant and provides an innovative alternative to traditional fuel closure

caps. This award is a fitting example of our growth trajectory that has been enabled by our ability to anticipate and satisfy our customers’ needs. This is an exciting time for

the Company.”

Production of the capless refueling system will span across North America, Europe, and China. “The contract also highlights Stant’s global manufacturing presence and

capabilities,” said Anthony Pacitto, VP Sales & Marketing.