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Stant Introduces New Line of Coolant Temperature Sensors

Stant Corporation has introduced a new line of coolant temperature sensors to complement its industry-leading thermal management system products. Engineered using exact specifications of leading vehicle manufacturers, Stant coolant temperature sensors have a clean and simple design that features fewer components, making them lightweight, cost effective and easy to install.

“As an OEM manufacturer, Stant understands the exact specifications required by today’s car makers. In fact, Stant coolant temperature sensors can be found as original equipment on such popular nameplates as GM, Ford, Fiat, Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz, just to name a few,” said Brian White, director of aftermarket for Stant Corporation. “At Stant, we are dedicated to being best to market, so our new Stant coolant temperature sensors are specifically designed to ensure OE performance and reliability.”

Stant coolant temperature sensors measure coolant temperature changes within the cooling system of a vehicle. This continuous measurement is sent to the vehicle’s powertrain control module (PCU) as this crucial measurement helps manage fuel injection, ignition timing, variable valve timing and transmission shifting.

Key features and benefits of new Stant coolant temperature sensors include:

  • Stant only uses the highest quality OEM approved premium materials
  • 100 percent factory resistance calibrated to ensure precision tolerances, resulting in extremely accurate temperature for optimal performance
  • Automated assembly process ensures consistent trouble-free products
  • Over 90 percent coverage for both domestic and import nameplate applications

For more information about the new Stant coolant temperature sensors, contact your Stant sales representative. To learn more about Stant and its best-to-market products, visit www.Stant.com.