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Strengthening its position as a leading innovator in the automotive aftermarket space, Stant recently showcased a set of OE-quality parts now available to the aftermarket at AAPEX 2018 in Las Vegas.

Boasting 98% VIO coverage, Stant is continuing its mission of providing aftermarket suppliers, installers, and retailers with superior-quality parts that meet – and in many cases, exceed – OE standards for performance and durability.

Boxed SuperStat(45359)

The preferred choice of professional technicians, Stant thermostats are inside nearly 100% of vehicles on the road today. This SuperStat thermostat is engineered to surpass OE performance standards and provide maximum cooling capacity for high-load operations. Lead by an exclusive V-notch design that enables quicker engine warmup and a Weir-Stat valve that maintains a stable temperature in all conditions, SuperStat delivers optimal performance up to 195,000 miles.

Fuel Tank Cap (10838)

As the only aftermarket fuel cap built to OE standards, Stant’s fuel tank cap possesses OE pressure and vacuum relief technology and high-quality components engineered to deliver ultimate durability. But the real story is the enhanced level of safety this innovative cap brings to aftermarket customers. To prevent fuel leakage, this cap offers lost motion and breakaway grooves designed to increase safety for vehicle occupants in the event of collision.

Coolant Sensor (74027)

While it may not be a shock to hear that Stant coolant sensors possess 90% VIO coverage, it might come as a surprise that this aftermarket sensor features fewer components than ever in an effort to make it more cost-effective and easy to install. Plus, each sensor meets OE standards for fit and performance and comes 100% calibrated from the factory.

Oil Filler Cap (10081)

With 70+ aftermarket oil filler caps, Stant offers more coverage and better quality than any other brand. Each oil filler cap is purpose-built to delivery segment-leading durability thanks to an innovative design that meets OE fit and performance specifications.

Radiator Cap (10230)

Stant’s aftermarket radiator cap is a one-part solution made to fit both open and overflow reservoir systems. A robust design and superior materials quality allow this cap to match OE standards, while an exclusive SWIV-EL feature makes installation easier than ever before.

Coolant Reservoir Cap (10238)

Specifically developed for open and overflow reservoir systems, Stant’s latest coolant reservoir cap brings forth a quality-focused design that not only matches OE specifications, but installs much easier than conventional caps.

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