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General Motors Honors Stant Corporation With Supplier Quality Excellence Award

General Motors recently honored Stant Corporation and its Pine Bluff manufacturing facility with the prestigious Supplier Quality Excellence Award for 2016. The Arkansas plant manufactures Stant fuel closures, valves, thermostats and filler pipes.

“This award is a tremendous honor and we thank General Motors for recognizing our Pine Bluff team for their hard work and commitment to excellence,” said Tim King, senior vice president of global sales for Stant Corporation. “At Stant, we work closely with our customers to ensure that we are providing them with top quality products in a timely, efficient manner. This recognition is not only a tribute to our fine employees, but it reinforces our dedication to being best to market in all we do.”

In the letter from GM informing Stant of the award, it was stated that “The award is given to specific manufacturing locations and only our top performing supplier manufacturing sites are eligible to receive it. Suppliers who receive this award have met or exceeded a very stringent set of quality performance criteria and have achieved the cross-functional support of the entire GM organization. This was even a bigger challenge as GM continues to launch many new and exciting products.

“Your organization has played an important role in our efforts to design, build and sell the world’s best vehicles. Your dedication and commitment to consistently perform above expectations are very much appreciated by the entire General Motors team and we want to recognize your organization for its outstanding performance.”

To learn more about Stant and its industry-leading vapor management systems, fuel delivery systems, thermal management systems and engineering services, visit www.Stant.com.