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Innovation, Acquisition Growth and Quality Recognition

1981 The Stant Pine Bluff Arkansas plant opens.
1987 Stant Inc. is purchased from Emory Air Freight in management led leverage buyout. Stant Pre-Vent fuel caps are introduced. 
1988 Stant Inc. buys Standard Thomson. Stant Corporation is formed.
1991 Stant Corporation acquires Epicor Industries. Stant pioneers advanced ORVR technology for fuel systems.
1993 Stant SuperStat introduced, the first heavy-duty thermostat for cars.
1994 Stant Corporation acquires Fedco Automotive Components and Trico Wipers. 
1996 Stant achieves ISO/TS 16949.
1997 Stant Corporation acquired by Tomkins PLC.
1998 Stant vapor management valves introduced.