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GREEN Activities

Stant is committed to practicing environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. Green initiatives exist both in our manufacturing facilities and our Stant product lines.


Exhaustive recycling efforts are practiced in Stant facilities. Below is a list of recycled materials by plant:

Romeo, MI:

Paper; Cardboard; Shipping Bubble wrap; Packing Peanuts; Small/Medium Boxes; Computer / Electronics; Spray Paint Cans; Wood Pallets; Scrap steel/metal; Used Gloves are laundered and re-used; Ink/Toner cartridges; Used Oil; Batteries; Ballast; Copper (tips & other); Fluorescent Light bulbs; EMP-1 – Solid Waste Reduction; EMP-4 – Used Oil Reduction; EMP-5 – Electric Consumption; No Aerosols Used

Romeoville, IL:

Paper; Cardboard; Plastic Waste; Plastic Bottles; Aluminum Cans; Minimal Aerosol Use (mold release agent)

Pine Bluff, AR:

Cardboard; White paper; Used Oil; Electronic waste; Plastic; Plastic bottles; Scrap Metals; Aluminum cans; Aerosol cans; Batteries; Bags are laundered by an outside service and re-used; Fluorescent Light bulbs; Lighting Ballasts; Ink/Toner cartridges; Minimal Aerosol Use (mold release agent). Have eliminated all solvent degreasing and are using an aqueous degreasing solution.

Connersville, IN:

Paper; Cardboard; Plastic bottles; Used oil; Printer Cartridges; Batteries; Electronic Waste – Computers, Monitors, etc.; Fluorescent Light bulbs; No Aerosols Used; Energy Reduction through High Efficiency Lighting, Compressed Air Management.

Tijuana, Mexico:

Cardboard; Plastics; Scrap Metal; Foam; Energy Reduction through High Efficiency Lighting.


Stant is committed to controlling the loss of evaporative emissions from fuel systems to the environment. Our development team works with customers globally to develop extremely efficient and effective products that meet both EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resource Board) requirements. Additionally, our products meet current requirements for LEV II, LEVIII, PZEV, Euro IV, and KOBD standards.

To meet increasing demand for hybrid vehicles, we have developed a solution for providing emission products for hybrid propulsion systems.